Dandruff is a scalp condition that causes flakes of skin to appear. Typically, this scalp condition is accompanied by itching. Dandruff in and if itself is harmless but, it can be irritating because of the itchiness and embarrassing because of the flakes. It should be known that the presence of dandruff does not mean that a person has poor hygiene, and dandruff can have multiple factors that worsen the condition. Today we will be going over some of those factors and what can be done to help reduce the effects of dandruff.

Facts about dandruff

Dandruff is a common condition that is speculated to impact about a third of adults. A few risk factors to developing dandruff is the person’s skin type, medical conditions, and using certain products. There is also a more severe form of dandruff called seborrheic dermatitis. This is characterized by oily skin that is irritated. While the exact cause of dandruff is unknown, there are a few factors that could explain some of the symptoms or make them worse. For example, not washing your hair enough can lead to an accumulation of skin on the scalp. Other factors include yeast called Malassezia, which can lead to scalp irritation and cause the skin to grow in excess, products that irritate the scalp, and even dry air.

People with oily hair, as well as individuals with certain health conditions, are more likely to develop dandruff. While it is common for dandruff to first develop when an individual reaches puberty, it can develop at any age during a person’s life.

Shampoos make a difference

Some shampoos help fight dandruff, however which one works best for you and how often you should wash your hair can depend heavily on your hair type, and the factors that may be impacting dandruff. There are quite a few over the counter dandruff fighting shampoos. Experiment around to discover which ones work best for you. Additionally, you can talk to your doctor.


Scalp itchiness and flaking may be the result of dryness, as such one thing that might help is using a moisturizer. A proper moisturizer can help fight against scalp irritation and reduce the number of flakes that appear.

One key thing to remember if you have dandruff is to not stress about it. Stress has been shown to worsen the effects of dandruff. Stress can also compromise your immune system, which can help Malassezia thrive. Remember, dandruff is not inherently dangerous, and it does not mean you are unclean. There are many other things that can lead to an irritated scalp or itchiness. If you are worried, notice other symptoms, or the irritation is particularly bad, your doctor may be able to help.

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