In January of 2019, influencer and Instagram user Manimillss began using the Vitalize 3-Part Hair Repair System to thicken her edges. The choice to use Vitalize has impacted her hair and the relationship she has with it, even to this day! This is her story.

Manimills started using the Vitalize 3-Part Hair Repair System as a preventive treatment to keep her hair healthy and help her edges grow thicker. Manimills participated in the Vitalize 90-day challenge. After two weeks, she noticed that her hair was significantly more moisturized, and her roots were becoming thicker. You read that right; she started noticing a difference in just two weeks of using Vitalize!

Why there is a 90-day challenge when many people usually see results in a couple of weeks?

Our hair grows on a cycle, and one complete cycle is 84-days long. That number can be altered; in the case of those with stress-related hair loss, also known as telogen effluvium. This form of hair loss pushes the hair into the resting phase prematurely, which will often cause hair to fall out, even while doing light things like brushing or washing the hair.

By using Vitalize for 90-days, you will have completed an entire hair cycle, and you will see results. Vitalize will help combat hair loss due to stress and improve hair anchoring, making it an excellent choice for preventative actions against hair loss. Many people see results sooner because our hair is not always in the same phase of the hair growth cycle at once.

The Follicle Stem Cell Serum shortens the length of time the hair is in the shedding phase and lengthens the time it’s in the growth phase! Meaning your hair will grow longer and shed less! The Hair, Skin, and Nail Vitamin and the Multivitamin Hair Gummy are dietary supplements that provide the body with the essential nutrients to grow healthy hair all while giving the immune system a boost! The Hair and Scalp Treatment Oil provide your scalp with optimal hydration and nourishes your follicles. Each product in the 3-Part Hair Repair System works together to create the optimal conditions for your hair not only to grow but to thrive!

For more details about how The Vitalize 3-Part Hair Repair System works and to read an amazing story about how Vitalize was able to help TV personality Misster Ray recover from a severe case of alopecia; check out our previous blog Mister Ray’s Hair Regrowth Journey.

You may be wondering how Manimillss’ 90-day challenge went? It went very well. Her edges grew thicker, and her hair became noticeably healthier. In fact, she’s still using Vitalize products today, almost two years later! She added the styling product Vitalize Edge Control to her hair regimen. What makes Vitalize’s Edge Control different from every other edge control on the market? It offers superior hold, protects the hair from heat damage, and regrows hair! To learn more about Vitalize Edge Control, check out this informative article: Everything you need to know about Vitalize Edge Control.

You don’t have to suffer from thinning hair to benefit tremendously from Vitalize. If you want to prevent hair loss or improve your hair health with the added benefit of growing thicker and fuller hair, then Vitalize is right for you! Call 800-800-7577 or visit to learn more about how Vitalize can help you!


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