Fall is the season I look forward to each year. It is the time when the green leaves on the trees start to turn golden orange, yellow, and brown and fall to the ground. And after months of enduring summer’s heat, I think we all look forward to the upcoming changes autumn brings. I don’t think of it as a time of death but rather a moment in time that represents the shedding of old and the welcoming of the new. It’s fresh, comfortable, cleansing, and renewing. And when the weather changes, we all seem to change with it. Summer shorts and tank tops are stored away and replaced with sweatshirts, jeans, and warm boots. But how summer brings out the hottest trends in June, Fall is in a lane all its own beginning in October.

Not only do the goblins, ghosts, and ghouls make their traditional appearance each year, but even more, wicked styles take reign in beauty, hair, and fashion. Coffin-shaped nails, auburn hair, brown boots, and everything in pumpkin orange all represent the exotic, mysterious, and electric energy fall imbues. Not only do our clothes and makeup change, but some of us even make lifestyle changes like tweaking things in a morning ritual or hair routine.

When dealing with fall hair, for example, I make sure I step up my game when it comes to moisturizing my hair and taking care of my scalp. I typically add a slightly heavier oil like jojoba and grapeseed oil to my regimen as opposed to argan oil, my summertime favorite. It is also good to include a moisturizing conditioner and hair & scalp treatment oil to your haircare routine, especially if dying your hair is on the brain. Warm ginger, auburn red, and black hair colors are usually good choices to try when talking about tresses and locs. And a 24-hour hold or an ultra edge control can come in handy for those windy and cold days, especially one that not only smooths but also protects against the wear and tear of wearing toboggans–or skullcaps to keep warm.

In beauty and style, black nails can add spice to almost any outfit, as well as colors like creamy blue, red, royal dark teal, and holographic. And if you like to stay on the neutral side of things, then try a pearl white, milk chocolate, or sand. For the lips, a nude, mocha brown, and spicy orange are excellent choices to give a try.

What I look forward to the most this fall is dressing up as a witch, eating scary food out of cauldron pots, and making potion bottles out of tin cans for Halloween decorations. I like driving by houses and looking at the ghostbuster’s and Michael Meyer decorations on neighbors’ front lawns. And don’t forget to visit your local spooky and scary houses like camp blood in Georgia and the Halloween festival at the Castle of Muskogee in Oklahoma to get the whole Halloween experience. Warm blankets and bonfires on cool nights, s’mores and double fudge brownies, pumpkin spice tea and hot cocoa, chili and vegetable soup, and movies and books like Hocus Pocus and Children of Blood and Bone are just some of the things on my extensive October list that kickstarts fall off on the right foot.

Do what makes you feel good and in the mood for a happy October. Remember, it is all about renewal and transition, so be sure and try something different that you’ve never done before and go with the flow of the season. Rock a new lip color, eyeshadow, or even sport a fresh new hairstyle, but whatever you do, be sure to have wicked fun while falling in love with autumn.

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