Hair oils help maintain hair hydration, aid in the prevention of hair breakage, and smooth the hair. Everyone needs oil to protect their hair, but the capacity that it’s needed in will vary from person to person. Your hair type, the length, texture, and thickness of your hair will determine how much oil you need.

The type of oil you use matters

Generally speaking, oils can be divided into two broad categories, dry oils, and wet oils. Dry oil is lighter and absorbs really quickly into the hair and skin. An oil that is heavier or feels more slippery can be thought of as a wet oil and will generally weigh the hair down. Not all types of oils (such as mineral oil ), will absorb into the hair or skin as well as others. To test the absorption rate of the oil, apply a small amount to your hair or skin.

Should I use oil on wet or dry hair?

This is a very common question, and the answer is, it honestly depends. You can apply oil to your hair if it’s wet or dry, but they will produce slightly different effects. One important thing that you should take note of is the porosity of your hair. Hair porosity will play a role in which when and how you should oil your hair. For example, if you have low hair porosity you should apply oils to your hair after your hair has been stemmed or after a hot shower.

The question of applying oil to your hair if it’s wet or dry can also depend on how you’re styling it. If you wear your hair wet, then it is a good idea to apply the oil while your hair is wet. Damp hair absorbs oil a bit better than dry hair does. Additionally, the oil will spread throughout the hair better when the hair is damp.  Remember that wet hair is weaker than dry hair, so be very gentle with your hair.

Avoiding hair damage

If you are working with your hair and notice that you are stretching your hair, consider a different approach. Hair is pretty durable, and it can be stretched at about 30% of its original length without sustaining and damage. However, if it’s stretched beyond that point, irreversible damage can occur. If the hair is stretched too much, the strand can fracture and break.

If you want to take the guesswork out of your oil selection, then consider Vitalize’s Hair and Scalp Treatment oil. This proprietary blend is super light, and it penetrates the hair and scalp, offering maximum hydration. The oil can be applied to wet or dry hair. It also contains beneficial oils that can help protect tan nourish the hair and scalp, all while energizing the hair follicles. Visit or call us at 1-800-800-7577 to learn how our products can help you regrow and maintain healthy hair.

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