To be perfectly honest, hair loss can be just as devastating for men as it is for women. There are many solutions for men suffering from hair loss, and one of them comes in the form of a weave or hair unit. Often times, when we talk about weaves and hair units, we tend to think of women; however, hair units can also extend to men. So, the question becomes, are hair units a viable solution, or will they lead to some of the same issues that can arise when a typical weave is installed?

What is a man weave unit?

A man weave unit is a hair replacement practice that covers lost or thinning hair. Depending on if the installed unit is temporary or long-lasting, the price for having one installed can range anywhere from $275 to $1,000. Additionally, the process can take anywhere from one to three hours to install. While “man weave unit” has the word “man” in it, this is a procedure that women can utilize too. The practice excels in short hairstyles; however, as we’ll see later, it can also be used to create longer hairstyles.

Installing a man weave unit

There are many hairstyle options a man unit can offer, including dreadlock units, crop top waves, and almost anything in between. A man unit is typically installed by having an adhesive applied to the scalp and adding replacement hair to the scalp. The hair is then cut, styled, and shaped depending on the user’s desires.

Male patterned baldness typically impacts the upper area of the head, leaving the sides and back intact. As such, a person may only need the unit installed to the tops of their head, and the stylist can use their natural hair to blend or fade the unit creating a seamless appearance. If this is the style a person is going for, they may be requested to grow out the sides of their hair before having the weave installed.


Maintaining the hair unit is crucial if one wants it to last a while. Some units are designed to last a few weeks, while others can last of 6 months or more. It is best to consult your hairstylist to determine how long you can expect a unit to last. Getting the unit wet can present a problem because it has the potential to loosen the adhesive. Swimming, showers, and even sweating could decrease the lifespan of the unit. There are certain specialists who can remove the unit, clean it, and apply it again during. This does not mean the unit can be used indefinitely, as wear and tear will still apply, but it can make it easier to stay clean and use it for a longer period of time. Consult your specialist for further details and to see if this is an option for you.

Are there any risks associated with having a man weave unit?

While there doesn’t seem to be as much research regarding the potential risks of having a man weave unit installed, there are still a few. Firstly, there is the risk of an allergic reaction to the adhesive used. If you have allergies or sensitive skin, be sure to your stylist before having the unit installed. Build up of sweat (or pool water) can irritate and dry your scalp. If possible, opt for a removable unit and give your scalp some time to breathe for a while between installations. All in all, the man weave unit doesn’t seem to cause the same degree of traction alopecia than traditional weaves might but that it could pull at and remove the small hairs still on the crown.

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