Chlorinated pool water is useful in helping keep the water clean as it kills bacteria and protects swimmers from infections and diseases. However, chlorine can reap havoc on your hair and skin.

Skin irritation and dryness

Long term exposure to chlorine can result in red, itchy, or dry skin. The harsh chlorine in the water can strip your skin of valuable oils and result in a loss of moisture. To reduce some of the damaging effects of chlorine on your skin, it’s always good to rinse off your skin before swimming. Our skin absorbs chemicals from water; by rinsing off with non-chlorinated water before getting into the pool, you can reduce the amount of chemicals that are absorbed, lowering the risk of skin irritation.

How pool chlorine can impact your hair

You may have heard of swimmers’ hair. A person whit swimmers’ hair may experience their hair being dry damaged, tangled, and even turning green.  The alteration in color can be explained because the chlorine, which contains oxidized copper, is absorbed into the hair. Even if your hair doesn’t turn green, frequent exposure to pool water can still leave your hair color faded. Many of the other side effects of swimming in chlorinated water can be attributed to the oils from one’s hair being stripped out.  While chlorine isn’t the only chemical in pool water that can lead to swimmers’ hair, it is one of the most common.

Another offender is bromine. This chemical reacts with the protective aspects of your hair, like the oils, and the sebum. Without these, your hair cuticles are exposed and far more susceptible to damage, exposed hair cuticles aloe other chemicals to more easily react with your hair. Your hair will also be far more vulnerable to UV rays from the sun. This radiation can break the protein bonds that make up the hair which will lead to rough feeling hair and split ends.

How to prevent hair damage

If you are going swimming, there are a few steps you can take to protect your hair. Firstly, rinse your hair out with non-chlorinated water before you get in and immediately after you leave the pool. You can also wear a swim cap to keep your hair safe. Wash your hair after leaving the pool. We recommend utilizing the Vitalize Growth Support Shampoo and Conditioner as they restore moisture, enhance color, and improve both wet and dry combing. Finally, invest in some leave-in conditioner to help restore moisture to your hair after a day of swimming. To aid in the moisture restoration, use oil as well.

Remember, healthy hair is less susceptible to harm than damaged hair. To learn more about how Vitalize Products can keep your hair health call 1-800-800-7577 We would love to hear from you!

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