We’re taught from an early age a lot about what society thinks of us. Some of us are told that our hair isn’t good, and that we have to do things to make our hair more socially acceptable. Many women have had a disassociation with their hair because if this. From it’s too curly and the coils are too tight, to it’s not curly enough. Our views of our hair are shaped, perpetuated, and enforced by society at an early age.

How we wear our hair, the length we grow it out to, and how we treat it, all tell others a story about ourselves and how we want to be perceived. In today’s society, a lot of stock is put onto our hair, especially for women.

The importance of hair

When surveying over one thousand women, Opinion Matters found that roughly 68% of women stated that a “bad hair day” lowered their confidence and impeded their performance at work. Our hair provides a lot of subtle indications that we may not think of such as our level of professionalism, health, age, perceived gender identity, and much more. Without even consciously thinking about it, we, as humans, surmise a lot of things about another person based on their physical appearance alone. As such many of us will go through great lengths to alter the condition of our hair, from using potentially dangerous chemicals that have been shown to cause skin irritation and respiratory complications to heat and styling products that can burn and damage hair. Even weaves, though they look nice, can lead to traction alopecia and hair loss. Now, there is nothing wrong with altering your appearance, but you should do it because you want to.

The truth is that you shouldn’t have to risk harming your hair or body to look good. Confidence looks good on everybody, and it comes through your physical appearance and reflects through your body language. You are not defined by your exterior. Society changes as people do. The more we come to accept different hairstyles and embrace diversity, the more common and acceptable it will be. Keep your hair healthy, but do it for you. You deserve to have optimal hair health and wear out your tresses the way you want.

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