One of the wonderful things about braids weaves and extensions are how they can allow for drastic alterations to appearances quickly. This is great for switching it up and expressing yourself through your favorite hairstyles. However, there are a few important things to keep in mind that can help you protect the hair beneath the style.

Know the duration of the style

Extensions can last anywhere from 3 months to half a year; braids and other protective styles should generally only be worn for about eight weeks at the most. The exact amount of time that a weave can be left in seems to vary; some say only a couple of weeks, while others will say a few months, or even up to half a year. Despite that, it’s best to error on the side of caution. Try not to exceed three months for any of these styles as it is not uncommon for hair to tangle and lock, which can result in a lot of hair breakage. If you notice that your hair is dry, there is a lot of oil build-up, the style is loose, or excessive shedding, then it may be time to take down the style.

Prepare your hair for installation

Before you have your style put in, you’ll want to be sure that your scalp is clean and well hydrated. Additionally, ensure that our hair is free of tangles; trying to detangle during the installation process can add additional stress to the hair. Before your desired style is installed, know which products you’re going to use and have them on hand so that you can keep your hair healthy.
As for what to avoid, one crucial thing is not to have your hair chemically treated before installation. Wait at least two weeks after a chemical treatment before having braids or weaves installed. Installing braids or weaves too soon after a chemical treatment can put a lot of stress on the hair resulting in damage.

Keeping the hair clean

The style you use can play a role in how to best keep your hair smelling fresh. Let’s be honest; we sweat from our scalps, our scalp also produces oils, it’s hard to always keep your hair clean in day to day life. After a few weeks between the oil build-up and the sweat, our hair isn’t going to smell the best. If you have clip-ins, you can easily remove them and wash both your natural hair and the extensions as needed. Braids and weaves can be washed as well. However, they both require different processes. With weaves, in particular, once washed, you’ll want to make sure that your hair beneath the weave is dry to prevent mildew. If you are having difficulties or just want to be safe, then you can visit a stylist.

Try new styles

There are times when your hairstyle can feel like a part of your identity. Nevertheless, trying new hairstyles can provide you not only a time to explore, but also it can reduce the stress certain parts of your hair may be experiencing. So, switch it up every now and then to keep your look fresh and your hair healthy!

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