“All I want for Christmas is my edges back.”

Those were the words Misster Ray spoke late last year during a televised interview. And Thanks to Vitalize’s science-driven and clinically proven 3-Part Hair Repair System he was able to have his wish granted just in time for the holidays.

Imagine looking into the mirror only to realize that you can no longer hide your thinning and falling hair. It’s a frightening thought for anyone and for the approximately 50 million men who suffer from alopecia, it’s a reality. One such person was popular TV personality Ray Cunningham, better known as Misster Ray, from VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.

About one year ago Misster Ray, posted a tweet outlining his year-long struggle with alopecia. The tweet was heartbreaking as it described how alopecia had begun robbing him of his hair. One day he woke up to find his eyelashes were gone, and even though they grew back, it wasn’t long before his eyebrows were gone as well. While Misster Ray had his eyebrows microbladed to help restore his appearance, his thinning hair was still a concern. His once thick and full beard started to become patchy and his hair loss was becoming more and more noticeable. Misster Ray’s appearance was so altered that many people assumed he was sick.

Being on television daily and faced with such a dramatic shift in his appearance, Misster Ray knew he needed to do something quickly.

Thankfully a personal friend of his recommended Vitalize.

Shortly after that, Misster Ray tried their clinically acclaimed 3-Part Hair Repair System. Within two weeks of using the products, Misster Ray started noticing that his hair was growing back. And after a month, his hair was well on its way to a full recovery.

The Vitalize Difference

Vitalize’s proprietary blend of active ingredients has been shown to produce 214% better results than Minoxidil-based products in clinical testing. Additionally, unlike Minoxidil, Vitalize’s hair treatments don’t come with any nasty side effects.

Here’s how it works:

The Vitalize 3-Part Hair Repair System is comprised of 3 different products, each one is specially designed to address a specific aspect of hair health.

The Vitamin: One aspect of hair growth is internal. Simply put, your body requires certain nutrients to function and produce healthy hair. If you are malnourished or missing vital nutrients, your hair will stop growing and even begin to fall out. The Vitalize Vitamin addresses this nutritional need by supplying the body with the essential vitamins and minerals to boost hair growth and support health. Currently, Vitalize has two types of vitamins, the all-natural Hair, Skin, and Nail Multivitamin tablet and the delicious cherry-flavored Multivitamin Hair Gummy. When you order the Vitalize 3-Part Hair Repair System, you can select whichever vitamin you prefer.

The Follicle Stem Cell Serum: The Vitalize Follicle Stem Cell Serum is in a class of its own. It contains three active ingredients that all work together to improve your scalp health. This one serum stimulates your hair follicles, fights scalp irritation, prevents hair miniaturization, improves hair anchoring, and reduces the damage caused to the hair due to inflammation. The Vitalize Follicle Stem Cell Serum packs a punch when it comes to fighting thinning hair.

The Hair and Scalp Treatment Oil: Vitalize’s unique proprietary blend of oils nourishes, hydrates, and protects the hair. The oil contains special ingredients that help the hair grow fuller and denser while also assisting the scalp heal from injuries, like burns from styling tools or scratches. The Hair and Scalp Treatment Oil penetrates the hair and offers maximum hydration.

Misster Ray is one of the hundreds of people who have seen tremendous benefits from using the Vitalize 3-Part Hair Repair System.  Don’t let hair loss rule your life!  Stop thinning hair in its tracks by switching to Vitalize. To get started today visit thinedges.com or call 800-800-7577.

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