Selecting the right hairstylist is an important endeavor. Not only will a hairstylist have a huge say in how you will look, but they may also impact the health of your hair. Perhaps you’ve come across some hairstylist horror stories, or just want to know some ways you can go about selecting the right stylist for you. Here are some tips and tricks to help you choose the right one.

Know your hair type and what your stylist can provide

Not all hairstylists can offer the same services; some of them specialize in working with different kinds of hair or doing certain hairstyles. For example, if you are looking for a particular type of braid, not all stylists can provide it. Additionally, check to see which provides the stylists you are going to uses or if they will allow you to bring in your preferred hair products.


Don’t be afraid to look into your hairstylists. Reading customer reviews is an excellent way to get a feel for the salon. You can also talk to the workers, and clients of the stylists to get a feel for whether or not you want them in your hair. It’s also not a bad idea to research the hairstyles or treatments you want. Just because a hairstyle looks nice doesn’t mean that it’s good for your hair. Micro braids, for example, are beautiful, long-lasting stiles, however, they can put tremendous stress on your hair and scalp. If worn excessively, it can lead to traction alopecia, so be careful. Idealistically you’ll want to select a hairstyle that is safe for your hair and looks great.

 Ask for recommendations

If you have a similar hair type or want a similar hairstyle to a family member or friend, ask them about their hair. Most people won’t mind casual questions regarding their hair care routine, particularly if it’s paired in a complement (but if you know it’s a sensitive topic be careful about how you broach the subject). When asking for recommendations, ask for the names of particular stylists that your family or friend likes. In this way, you can get closer to your ideal style.

If you take precautionary steps when selecting your hairstylist, you can avoid heartache. One thing to keep in mind is that not all stylist are the same (even if they work at the same place) so, it is possible that the same requests can get two very different results. Additionally, not all hair will respond to treatments in the same manner. Be polite when requesting a particular stylist in particular and be sensitive to their schedule. As a client, it is essential that you do your part in making the process easier for your stylist, too. If they have particular requests prior to your appointment, follow them. Show up to your appointment on time.

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