No matter the issue, whether hereditary or stemming from poor practices, no one wants thin hair. But it seems that the cost of beauty—though it makes us glamorous—if done improperly, can sometimes be more than what we want to pay. To reach fleek status, we often cover and hide what is natural and replace it with the faux and the fake, which normally involves adding tension or stress to our tresses. Glue-ins, sew-ins, wig installments, and braids are just some of the styles we love but, if not taken care of properly, can create havoc. For me, wearing braids—micro braids, box braids, crochet braids, and cornrows—was my major downfall. And during my undergraduate years, I suffered from thin edges because of it. I began to search high and low for a solution, and for years there was no success until I saw an infomercial on television about the Vitalize Hair Regrowth System, a three-part haircare process dedicated to treating and preventing thinning hair.

Though I had my doubts and wondered about what could possibly make this product different from any other regrowth brand, I took a chance. Besides, it couldn’t be any worse than the items I had tried in the past that either did not work or simply made me nauseous and sick to my stomach. According to the advertisement, it was to promote healthy hair growth and repair thinning hair and edges.

I called the phone number displayed on my television screen and ordered the products. I was desperate and anxious to regrow my edges back, and when the package arrived, I immediately tore into it. It came with a Hair & Scalp Treatment Oil, Follicle Stem Cell Serum that includes an award-winning natural ingredient called Redensyl, and multivitamin for hair, skin, and nails.

I was determined to start my regimen off on the right foot, and prior to ordering the products, I took a leap and decided to do the “Big Chop”—the cutting or trimming of chemically treated ends—and discontinued the use of a relaxer. After about a month or so of consistent use of the three-part system, I began to see a difference in my hair, especially my edges. Small hairs began to emerge from my follicles, and my edges were coming back. I was shocked but, I was glad I could confide in such a product as this one. At the time, I was a college student, and though the product was affordable for most, I was on a budget, so I had to stop using it for a while. During the time I wasn’t using the product, my hair continued to grow. Of course, not as fast as it would have if I were still using it, but I still noticed little sprouts of hair.

Now, I have locs and I credit the growth of my edges to the Vitalize Hair Regrowth System, especially the Follicle Stem Cell Serum. Though I hadn’t used the products in years, Vitalize still was the reason for the amazing hair growth results. Lately, I have been having trouble with dry scalp and flakes of dandruff in my locs. Again, I tried different types of oils, but nothing helped combat the issue. So, last week, I went back to using the old faithful. I used the Hair & Scalp Treatment Oil, and I haven’t had any more problems with excessive dandruff or dry scalp since. I washed my hair as usual, massaged the oil into my scalp, and did a braid-out on my locs. I have to say that now, my style lasts a little longer and without those disgusting-looking flakes in my hair.

It makes a difference when you have quality products that you can put all of your trust into—a product that stands firm in what it was created to do and delivers on that promise. Not only is there the three-part system, but now, there is an edge control made to promote growth, as well as, give you more sleek and smooth styles that I can’t wait to try. Thanks to Vitalize Hair, we all can look forward to thicker, smoother, healthier hair. And, we can finally stop and combat those hair and edge-killers.

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