Baldness (alopecia) is a hair condition that affects the lives of many, particularly as they age. Weight loss also can cause your hair to thin. To understand the connection between weight loss and baldness, it is helpful to know why hair loss happens.

It is said that losing hair is normal. But baldness happens when you see abnormal patches or thinning of hair on your head. It’s important to create a distinction between baldness and shedding hair.

Here are some common causes:

  • Heredity: You may have heard about male-pattern hair thinning, but were you aware that women can have this too? Women usually go through this condition on the crown and top of the scalp. You are more likely to experience female-pattern baldness for those who have a family history of this issue.
  • Menopause: A change in your androgen levels can get the hair on your scalp too thin. You may detect changes during menopause. Approximately two-thirds of women experience some postmenopausal baldness.
  • Anemia: If you’re a vegetarian and have a history of anemia, then you might experience hair loss from iron deficiency. Some women take iron supplements to reverse the concern.
  • Low Protein Consumption: Low protein consumption may also result in hair loss. Low-carb diets do not provide enough nourishment to your body including your hair follicles to function normally.
  • Stress: Health specialists clarify that it is not uncommon to experience baldness when experiencing extreme stress or nervousness. Sudden weight loss may also occur due to physical or psychological stress.

Sometimes, individuals with thyroid issues may also experience hair loss. Your doctor can conduct regular examinations to see if your thyroid gland is working correctly.

Fluctuations in weight may be a significant cause of changes in hair whether it be thinning, shedding, or complete baldness. That doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to experience hair loss if you shed weight. Dieting can be quite stressful and exhausting however and may result in nutritional deficiencies leading to baldness. The other side is many women experience weight gain as they age during menopause. The stress of hormonal changes associated with this can also lead to hair loss.

What is the solution?

If you discover unusual patterns of baldness, your first stop should always be your hair expert. Your healthcare provider can tell you whether your medical condition may be the possible cause of hair shedding. Besides that, you can use hair care products from Vitalize. We have hair growth stimulating products that have been clinically proven to help restore hair.  Visit to learn more!

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