Scams come in every form, and this, of course, includes hair related scams. Some hair scammers will try to sell you low-quality, defective, inefficient, or even harmful products. False or misleading claims are used by many scammers, and they will say just about anything to make a sell.  Here are a few tips that can help you spot a scam.

When trying to spot a scam, you’ll want to pay particularly close attention to what companies are trying to sell you. Things like at-home laser therapy or at-home light therapy are very popular when it comes to regrowing hair. While laser and light therapy is a legitimate treatment option for hair regrowth, at-home laser therapy doesn’t produce the same results that are often promised.


Research is the most powerful tool at your disposal. Before you dedicate yourself to purchasing a product, take a few moments to conduct some research. Look into the company and its products. Additionally, look at reviews. This may not be intuitive, but you’ll want to avoid companies that have nothing but positive reviews. Remember that people will always have something negative to say and that in and of itself adds some validity to the company.  Nothing but glowing reviews can indicate that their reviews may be fabricated or that the company might be controlling their reviews and filtering out the ones they don’t want to be seen.

When looking for hair care and hair growth solutions, take note of what is and is not said. Is there any scientific backing to what is being said, or is the company using purely emotional language to sell their products? Hair loss is a very serious subject, and people experiencing it can sometimes feel vulnerable; and it is not uncommon for some scammers to use that emotional vulnerability to try and pull people in. It is important to be selective about what you expose your body to.

Studies have shown that the most effective hair loss treatments are topical and oral medicines. But also remember that not all topical or oral treatments will yield the same results. If you are looking for quality products, check to see if they have had any clinical testing conducted. Clinical tests prove that the products and ingredients work the way they are supposed to and yield the results they claim to provide. You’ll also want to look into potential side effects and the effectiveness of the products.

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