Are you worried because of dry hair? What are the reasons behind that dryness and frizziness? Well, there are two main reasons for dry hair- when your scalp does not produce sufficient natural oil or there can b hereditary reasons. As we age, the rate of oil production in the body slows down naturally and causes dry hair.

Causes of Dry hair

Any disturbance in the cuticle structure can cause dry hair. Uses of thermal tools can also lead to dry hair such as flat irons, blow dryers, hot rollers, and curling irons. They can make your hair look amazing, but they can harm your hair as well. Now you might be thinking about how they can make your hair dry. High-temperature remove the natural moisture from hair stands, especially when you use rollers and irons that make your dry hair frizzy and more likely to break down.

What you can do to prevent dryness?

  • When you use thermal devices to curl or dry your hair use a thermal protective formula before exposing your hair to heat. This will help you provide a barrier between the direct heat and the hair strands.
  • To avoid excessive heat you can buy a good quality hair dryer or blow dryer that features temperature settings. It will help you select the lowest setting that will be gentle to your dry hair.
  • You can give your dry hair some rest from the moisture-hating thermal devices by trying out hairstyles like buns, braids, and chignons. These hairstyles don’t need any heat styling and look cool, especially in summers.
  • When it comes to hair washing, use good quality shampoos that are designed for your particular hair type. These are creamy, not clear, and contain ingredients such as apricot kernel oil or aloe vera that maintain moisture in your hair and make them look smooth and silky.
  • If you have a dry hair type then you can skip the daily hair wash. It is not necessary at all to shampoo every day as it can reduce the natural moisture from your hair. If your scalp gets oily or you notice white flakes then you can use dry shampoo on the roots to refresh and maintain the moisture.
  • Wear a scarf or hat over your hair when you go under the sun as excessive wind, harmful sun rays, and harsh environmental conditions can cause dryness and frizziness. They can also fade your natural hair color thus wearing a protective layer can keep your hair healthy and smooth while maintaining moisture.

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