Many aspects of our lives can benefit from routines, and this, of course, includes our hair. Good consistent habits can be the difference between healthy hair and brittle hair. Instagram user joss.theboss knows this well, and when it came to improving her hair health using the Vitalize 3-Part System joss.theboss had her routine down solid.

Like quite a few people that decided to go natural, joss.theboss did a big chop. This means that she cut off all of her hair to grow out her natural hair. However, simply cutting it wasn’t enough. She also wanted to regrow her edges as they were damaged and thinning thanks to a previous hairstyle. Her hair growth journey with the Vitalize 3-Part Hair Repair System started at the end of January 2019 and lasted till May of that same year. Each day she used the Vitalize 3-Part Hair Repair System and noticed results within a few short months. Towards the end of her journey, her hair had grown considerably longer and denser. 

Why is a routine important?

Establishing a routine is especially important when using Vitalize. The Vitalize 3-Part Hair Repair System works by supplying your body with nutrients and priming your scalp and hair follicles to regrow hair. However, it’s a bit like learning a new skill; you can’t get all the benefits in just one day. You need consistency to see results. 

It can be difficult to incorporate a new task into your already pre-established daily routine. One trick that many people use is to attach their hair care routine to something they already do. For example, you can attach it to brushing your teeth. After brushing your teeth, apply the Follicle Stem Cell Serum and the Hair and Scalp Treatment Oil, and then take your Multivitamin Hail Gummy or the Hair, Skin and Nail Vitamin with your breakfast. You could also set a reminder with an alarm to help you remember. After doing this for a couple of weeks, it will develop into a habit and.

Joss.theboss didn’t stop with just using the Vitalize 3-Part System. She also used the Vitalize Silk Pillowcase to make sure that their hair stayed hydrated while she slept. Cotton will pull oil directly from your skin and hair, leading to dryness. This is a problem because one night of sleeping on cotton can completely negate the topical benefits of the Vitalize Treatment. Vitalize works to restore hydration to your hair and scalp, and cotton will rip that moisture right out. Silk, on the other hand, does not strip moisture from the hair or skin. On top of that, silk also has a lot of benefits, such as being hypoallergenic, mite resistant, and having anti-aging properties. 

After eight months of using the Vitalize 3-Part System and the Vitalize Silk Pillowcase joss.theboss saw amazing results, her edges filled out and her hair was incredibly healthy. Joss.theboss is one of the hundreds of people who Vitalize has helped! To learn more about Vitalize or how it can help you call 800-800-7577 or visit

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