Many people think thinning hair is commonly a male problem, but do you know that it can affect even a third of women? However, unlike men, women experience hair loss issues without going bald. There are various reasons that cause hair loss in women. Some are due to female-pattern hair thinning, while some are caused due to inflammation in the body. Luckily, thinning hair can easily be stabilized with the treatment.

Stages of Hair Loss:

One of the foremost things to be considered to understand hair loss is determining the cause of what is happening in your body. Any underlying issue can make your shed hair. However, some thinning hair is normal as everybody loses their hair as the natural growth cycle of the hair. This cycle commonly occurs in three stages:

  • The Catagen Stage: It is basically a short transition phase. It can last for around 3 weeks and at this stage, the hair stops growing and become thin.
  • The Anagen Stage: It is the stage when the hair strands keep growing and last from two to eight years.
  • The Telogen Stage: In this stage, the hair can become expelled from the follicles.

However, some people have a sense of how much hair loss is normal. If you are suddenly noticing more hair loss than usual or your hair looks visibly thinner day by day, then it is a sign you should start paying attention to the causes and treatment.

What are the major causes of hair loss?

Numerous things can trigger hair loss in females. Things like styling your hair and pulling it back tight frequently can be a major cause. Sometimes a hormonal imbalance, thyroid problem or inflammatory condition, or even a recent pregnancy are also considered as the underlying causes for hair loss. This problem can also be genetic and cause androgenic alopecia, which is also known as female-pattern hair loss.

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